Expect mostly gaming/Metal Gear posts. I'm Keith, 30, married Irish cis straight male with a kinky side. Him/He pronouns. My wife Teri and I are in a polyamorous relationship with our girlfriend Sara. I can be very insecure about myself and shy at times. Tremendously awkward in person unless you know me. Will always try to be the best friend I can. I'm a feminist ally.

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Inspired by the Season 9 sneak peek promo video

Srly, in that scene I was like “ouch ouchiee!!” poor cas… ;_;

Large X


Supernatural AU:Team Free Will find themselves trapped in Purgatory and come across a ruthless gang of monsters lead by the bloodthirsty Benny.

Pics I took at Anime Dublin yesterday ^^
That’s me as Iori Yagami, my wife as Sailor Neptune in a pretty dress, Kerrie as Castiel, Drew as Kenny from the Walking Dead game, Delia as Aerith, Kate as Naruto, Darren and Louise as people who have escaped me right now and Koshi, Dem and Katie doing an epic pose at the end of their panel! 


Supernatural 6x10: Castiel Watches Porn


#it’s like he went to the barbers and is really pissed with the outcome.

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Scene from 8X16 Dean’s prayer to Castiel to help Sam.  Sorry about the quality.

Melody: Carry On My Wayward Son



this part always gets to me

oh my god xD

I like how sam just looks at dean like “He’s your boyfriend, you Fix it.”

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Favorite Cas quotes.


supernatural meme → one hunter


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#i broke all the lights dean like when i first met you #dean

#don’t you remember dean #you stabbed me with a knife remember #i remember #dean

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If I were an angel, you best believe I would pop up as random as fuck and have the most constipated serious look on my face while I’m rolling on the inside at scaring the shit out of everyone.


say hello to my first edit using photoshop!

this is what happens when I find 8x10 screencaps while listening to mumford and sons’ sigh no more.