Hey peeps! I'm Keith, 29, married Irish gamer/geek with a kinky side I can be very insecure about myself and shy at times. Tremendously awkward in person unless you know me. Will always try to be the best friend I can.

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The (not-so) subtle messages in Futurama are the best

"Decisions used to be easy, huh? What time to wake up, what to wear, where to go. But now, it’s a bit different, cause can you tell friend, from foe? Could you kill… could you do worse? If a loved one was infected, could you do the right thing? Could you put your life on the line for me, the way I would for you? Could you be the last of us?

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“Snake, I’m at your side.”

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w e l c o m e  h o m e,  b o s s.

w e  m i s s e d  y o u,  b o s s.

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That’s it! That’s the stance!

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jesus this was taken a long fuckin time ago, it was like 2011 I think between school and college or it was in my first year. Okay its not been that long but it feels like a lifetime ago. I’m p sure I’m 17 in this photo. Anyway a lots changed AND DONT I LOOK YOUNG??? Wow. #tbt

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Open rp













friend: shut up about ur fuckin video game
me: no
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Not something I actively ship (I don’t really ship The Boss at all really?) but it is cute c:


Trying to do that “bro” face that assholes always do but I failed somehow


wtf of course i am heterophobic??? didnt u know that phobia means fear???? im scared shitless of straight people i think i saw one at my window at like 3 am once and ever since then i cant go outside like what if they fucking eat me (ive heard theyre all cannibals)

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(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ :Last person you hugged?

  • That would be Teri sometime last night c:

Thank you anon!