Expect mostly gaming/Metal Gear posts. I'm Keith, 30, married Irish cis straight male with a kinky side. Him/He pronouns. My wife Teri and I are in a polyamorous relationship with our girlfriend Sara. I can be very insecure about myself and shy at times. Tremendously awkward in person unless you know me. Will always try to be the best friend I can. I'm a feminist ally.

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This is the first time I’ve made a Gif Set so it’s a little shoddy, but I had to Gif why Meryl Silverburgh is my favourite Female character.

Ignis + fire (ha, ha)»
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metal gear 2 snake aka I got distracted by how fucking ridiculous the FOXHOUND logo was

I really want a scene in MGSV where someone (preferably Ocelot) draws this and asks Big Boss personally if it could be the new logo, only for Big Boss to respond with something like, “…It’s PERFECT”.


realbara replied to your post: the phantom pain AKA Big Boss did noth…

MGS5: Big Boss Did Nothing Wrong


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The bodies of two Tampa teenagers were discovered Thursday morning on a roadside in Duval County.
Angelia Mangum, 19, and Tjhisha Ball, 18, were found about 1 a.m., according to law enforcement. A witness told Jacksonville news station WJAX the teenagers were bound with zip ties and lying on top of one another.
"Two witnesses were driving by and they saw bodies and they called 911," Sgt. T.K. Waters told news station WJXT.
Officers were dispatched to Sisson Drive, near the intersection of Main Street North and Clark Road.
Investigators suspect foul play and are trying to determine the causes of death.
"They were in an area where they would have been noticed, so I think it was fairly recently since they’d been left there,” Waters also told WJXT.
A medical examiner has taken the bodies to determine the cause of death.
"I just don’t understand what happened," Ball’s sister, Crystal Moore, said.
According to Moore, both women had been living in the Jacksonville area off and on for approximately a year and a half.
"I feel like sometimes that I failed," Ball’s mother, Jerlean Moore, said. "What could I have done? What could I have taught her better? It hurts…it really hurts."
It’s a pain that’s only worsened by the fact that no one has been caught.



let’s care just as much about black girls being murdered as we do about black boys. signal boost.

Do they have to have a specific color of skin for us to be concerned?

No, but lets face it black bodies are the ones being killed off so let’s call it for what it is.


My favorite game ha XD.

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I got the time off I wanted and I’ll be able to go over to Sara’s the weekend after Teri’s concert so yay ;-;


- Tracon 9 ( Finland ) 13.9.2014

Fem. Ocelot: jokapaiva

Photos by: jokujuu



98% of this image is pure badass

Then there’s Armstrong’s little hair loop.

Are you suggesting the Hair Loop, which has been passed down by the Armstrong family for generations, which has survived countless battles and remained perfectly coiffed, is not a testament to the ELEGANCE and STRENGTH of the Armstrong legacy?!

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I Love MGS <3

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It cannot be a coincidence that all BB’s allies are always covering their neck with scarves. Someone please teach BB to stop giving hickeys to his allies.

First of all, they’re not hickeys, they’re snake bites.


The Year Is 2094…


The Kojima A.I. system begins working on Metal Gear Solid 32.

"This will be my last as director," it tells the gaming press.


i think someones getting a taste for electrotorture

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They don’t give a fuck about you like I do.

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